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#29621 - 07/03/03 07:43 AM A plea to AJ
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AJ - I have had the XD3 module for 7 months now and I still can't believe what a fantastic module it is especially at the price. I had an MS40 for 8 years and was very happy with that and used this to gig with a Roland JV1080 module just for a few improved sounds.

Now I have all the good sounds I need in one box but there is one teeny weeny feature that I really miss even though I knew it wasn't available when I traded up and that is aftertouch to control mainly vibrato.

The good news is that most of the voice samples on the XD include natural vibrato which really adds to the realism of the sounds. However, most of the guitars (non-accoustic) do not have this (quite rightly) but for many rock styles this is sometimes a requirement which means me diving for the controller wheel on my master keyboard all the time rather than adding a little extra pressure at the right time.

I have edited quite a few of the guitar voices and saved them with delay vibrato but this is a poor substitue for the job.

I think that the unit already responds to aftertouch via the non keyboard MIDI port but this is only on the GM voices.

So my plea to you is to consider having the XD3/9 respond to aftertouch. I realise that the XD9 probably hasn't got the contacts installed in the keyboard but they can still be used with keyboards that have.

I'm probably whistling in the wind but having read so many good things about how responsive both you and Ketron are to their customers I have my fingers crossed.

PS - Are you the same AJ that I swapped MS patterns with about 7 or 8 years ago who wanted Cajun and reggae styles and who had started to write a software program to convert Yamaha styles to Solton?

#29622 - 07/03/03 12:28 PM Re: A plea to AJ
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I'll look into this posibility for I do understand how important it is. (Rem. though that this feature is available on the X4!!)

Yes, I am the one.


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