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#29530 - 11/25/06 11:01 AM Re: new midjay
Ketron_AJ Offline

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Some answers for you below...

HI all,
i am fairly new to all this stuff with samples,synths , modules, etc.
so please forgive me for sounding like a total dork.
1, i wanted to clear the hard drive from my midjay to make it more my own (files sounds and so on) so i made a back up via usb to pc,after this was done and confirmed, i went ahead and deleted all the files exept those used by the machien (ie.. the os.bin )only to find after i turned on again i had a new directory ..." re-cycled " so i have to delete it all again ??? or is anything deleted ???
>>>AJ: When you cleared/deleted all did you delete the MASTER/MAIN folders within the Midijay's HD (WAVE, MP3, STYLES, MIDIFILES These folders should NOT be deleted under any circumstances ... unless the HD is being re-formatted!

2). another file which only appeared after the last operation was a system restore..
it dosent work so why is it there ?
>>>AJ: This file is created when the OS tries to locate the initial Master folders (listed above) and fails.

3)i tried to enter the midi function menu to turn off the "bass and drums " funtion. only to find i could not, all it would do is show the play modes ...midi input....
4)i find the manuel,no help what so ever, it is much to spartan for a powerfull thing like the thier any other sources of information,setups,tips and so on for dummys like me.
>>>AJ: With the MIDIFILE folder missing, most of the functions associated with/to Midifiles will not be available. The same is true for the other functions associated with/to the other missing folders (WAVE, REGISTR, MP3 ...etc).

i am glad i am a guitarist you keyboarders out thier must all be "rocket scientists "
Hail and respect to you all.
Design Engineer & Product Specialist.

#29531 - 11/25/06 05:00 PM Re: new midjay
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Hi Vio,
you may want to double check that.
Personally I'd need more than time & passion, I'd need a new voice haa haa.

see ya

best wishes

Originally posted by viocaia:
Actually I'm refering to SD1 vocalist...but I think it's the same device in both of them.I'm not need a lot of time and passion to achieve good results and good sound from it.
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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#29532 - 12/01/06 02:26 AM Re: new midjay
Tony H Offline
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Hi AJ.
No i dont think i did delete the master folders.
i still have them , i deleted all that was inside them (i backed them up first).
what i wanted was a better overview because i am new to this type of thing, i wanted not to klatter up the display of files that i do not recognise.
i was a little kafuddled on looking for some menues but i found them at last(i re-installed os:4.0 then it was ok again.

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