Optimized USB data transfer for Mac = One of the new feature in version 2 of the MidJay update.
I'm disappointed about this item! the update 2 of Midjay doesn't resolve the lack of recognizing the Midjay by my Apple G4 or iBook .
I cannot access my MidJay HD on the desktop of my Mac G4. However, “USB connected” appears on the MidJay display. The MidJay-internal HD appears only in the listing of the HD which is connected to my Mac computer. But the expected Midjay folder doesn't appear on the screen of my Apple desktop.
Why not? An ordinary USP-Pen (initialised for PC) will be recognized and displayed on all Apple- computers normally. The expensive MIDJAY -HD isn't accessable in no way on the Mac. So, data transfer (waves, patterns ...) between Mac and Midjay don't be available yet.
The folder with other HD of other instruments like Fantom Xa appears on the Mac-screen automatically. I use Mac OS 10.2.8 (Panther), and the same problem appears starting Mac OS 10.3 (Jaguar) from an other partition: any folder from the MIDJAY-files to see on my desktop of the Mac.
The reason seems to be: the formatting initialisation of the MidJay HD is not Mac OS compatible ????
Exchanging files between my Mac and Midjay is for me extremely important.
No help from AJ - or other Midjay expert.
Therefore, I decided to ... BUY a decent, used PC Pentium III (Windows 2000) only for communicating with Midjay. Finally, I can transfer my Midjay compositions via PC into my editing tools on my Macs.
Why Ketron (MidJay-programming) officially confirms always - also releasing the last OS update version 2 - that the Mac OS X support is no problem??
One other Mac-user has confirmed this shaming problem.