Hi all
I'm still a bit confused of the differences re sounds between the SD1 Plus and my SD1. Sorry if I missed something in the threads over the last few weeks.

I have upgraded my SD1 from 3.0c to 4.0a and now to 4.0b. I'm very happy with the new sounds 4.0a brought in contrast to 3.0b/c!

Questions: Does the SD1 Plus have new sounds vs. the SD1 4.0a/b? If yes, can they be used for the SD1 4.0b as well with equal quality?
If yes, are they available for download somewhere? If they cannot be used I would like to ask why, because the hardware is supposed to be the same?

I'm only interested in the right hand sounds, especially the natural instruments, not patterns and styles.

Sorry and thanks for clarification