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#29223 - 02/25/06 03:12 PM Re: Ketron SD1 features
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Thanks AJ,
I keep getting my terminolgy mixed up, I've had too many different brands of keyboards, my last being a KN7000, who's "flash styles" were referred to as custom styles. I seem to keep reverting back, I'll get it right one of these days.
I'll also correct my posting.
best wishes

Originally posted by Ketron_AJ:

The SD1/SD1Plus comes with 109 internal FLASH styles which can all be replaced. It's the 198 ROM styles (usually from page 2 onwards or those in small letters) that can be modified as custom styles, but not replaced.



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best wishes
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#29224 - 04/09/06 04:53 PM Re: Ketron SD1 features
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I think I now better understand your question. You can have tempo variation within the style (e.g. within Arranger A the style might start at 80BPM and end with 85BMP within the loop - however the tempo value is fixed accross the style. As suggested above, programing 2 styles separately would do the job - especially since you also want to have time signature differences (not possible now within the same style). If on POWER ON, you load the styles you wish to work with (or copy/replace both styles within the FLASH so they are always there), then there is no loading time as you switch from style to style ... style change will occure at the end of the measure.

Hope this helps.


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