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#2751 - 01/01/05 06:45 PM REMIX ME! Asmatronica Open Sample Project!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

With this new year, I decided to start off with a new project. I'm calling it Asmatronica Open Sample Project, which is similar to Open Source. An artist will release a track, and along with it a sample pack of all the sounds used to make the original. Pretty simple concept. Nothing really new here...

However, this is not a competition of any kind! Thus there are no winners and more importantly no losers here. Your participation automatically qualifies you to have your remix posted on a site which will be announced in the future.

Furthermore, I invite others to release their tracks in the same Open Sample format. Maybe something like this already exists on a larger scale, I'm not sure, but it doesn't hurt to release on your own.

The original track "Dropcicle" can be found here:

The entire sample pack can be downloaded here (7.4MB) :

Feel free to pass this along, and let me know what you think!



#2752 - 01/02/05 06:54 AM Re: REMIX ME! Asmatronica Open Sample Project!

Update 1 : First Submission!

This project may have been a long shot. I've even got some replies from people who found it a bit challenging. But that's a good thing, noh? Nothing llike a challenge to get your creative juices flowing.

Nevertheless, within 12 hours the first remix has been submitted. And could that even be called a remix? It's even a better, more complicated twist on the original! The artist used all of the samples from the sample pack to create something completely different...

Words are usually at loss here, so why don't you just click here, and listen for yourself. I highly recommend comparing this to the original, and see if you can hear the similarities:

I'm looking forward to more!! MORE!!!


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