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#267617 - 07/15/09 11:24 AM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
cassp Offline
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OK, the NH residents are all seated at tables, sitting in their wheelchairs. Do I stand or sit? I'm not much to look at and I'm not very animated most of the time. I want to sit, but am I cheating the residents by doing so and blocking their view?

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#267618 - 07/15/09 11:47 AM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
btweengigs Offline
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Put yourself in their position. What would you like to see?

During dinner sets sitting seems appropriate IMO.

If I get tired and don't want to stand, my stool puts me almost at standing height anyway.

It is where I am most comfortable when in front of an audience.


#267619 - 07/15/09 11:55 AM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
captain Russ Offline
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With an arranger, I sit and use the 13 note Ketron pedal board and separate volume pedal.

With my trio, I play guitar (several different ones, actually...double neck, jazz box and nylon string or hibred (piezo, magnetic pick-up, with two line outs), piano and/or or Nord organ and sometimes alternate with vibes, so that's mostly standing. I use a stool with guitar part of the time, but mostly rotate between instruments. Of course, right now, I'm only using arranger, but that will change soon, hopefully.


#267620 - 07/15/09 01:58 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
124 Offline
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Unabashed sitter here. But I do compromise a bit by sitting on a folding stool I picked up at Ikea. It's fairly high so that visually I'm on a level with my wife who stands and moves around. Works for us.

#267621 - 07/15/09 04:04 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
travlin'easy Offline
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Quik-Lok model D749. Everything is adjustable, it folds flat and extremely rugged.

Works for me,


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#267622 - 07/15/09 05:03 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
tony mads usa Offline
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I generally stand, but I use one of these
- with the backrest but with a regular round seat, not the motorcycle style seat - set at a height that I can 'sort of' sit for a while if I get tired of standing ...

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#267623 - 07/15/09 05:51 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
Bill in Dayton Offline
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I sit 100% of the time...too many things going on to stand...

I use an quiclock L stand...a little heavy but zero wiggle and very sturdy...

Bill in Dayton
Bill in Dayton

#267624 - 07/15/09 07:38 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
hellboy44 Offline

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Stand - %100 of the time, every gig.

The main reason really is that we (maybe more me) are an animated "high energy" kind of act, and I find myself moving around a lot either in front of the keys, or even around the stage doing sight gags when I can/if appropriate.

Nice seat Gary!
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#267625 - 07/15/09 07:51 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
Stephenm52 Offline
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I sit all the time

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#267626 - 07/15/09 09:00 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
Diki Offline
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I have a deluxe drum throne with back support and all that, but it's WAY too heavy and bulky to carry around (OK, OK, yes, I know... this from the guy that lugs around a G70 ).

This is about the closest I have found to what I am looking for

Does anyone know of something like this, but without the guitar rest?

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