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#267639 - 07/17/09 12:43 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
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Today I sat at my NH gig. No problem seeing the people or them seeing me. It's an extra piece of equipment, but I think I'll keep it. I like sitting when I can.
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#267640 - 07/17/09 02:44 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
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I prefer to stand when I'm singing,but I have pedals to contend with.
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#267641 - 07/19/09 10:41 AM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
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I sit, but am very annimated. I take the mic and walk around after about the 3rd song to greet and BS with the audience. I'll tell them a joke or 2 and just in general kid around with them. Then I'll sing a song, usually one with a really nice arrangement and walk around the room. Then it's back to sitting for awhile, then back on the floor. I try to pace it so they are never bored. It works.


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#267642 - 07/24/09 04:28 PM Re: How many SIT? STAND? Why...
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Really weird... I found exactly what I was looking for at Walmart's, but can't find it anywhere on their website to show you. Only thing I could find was this which looks identical, except here it is $36 and I got mine from Walmart for $17!

Just the right hight for a shorty like me to play on...

Weighs 6 lbs., folds flat seems pretty stable to play on. Love the price!

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