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#261079 - 04/06/09 02:50 PM Re: "You're so vain" on a Roland E-80
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Originally posted by Diki:
I know those seventies tracks did have a fairly dead snare drum, but not THAT dead!

Agreed. I think I'll look into those snare-notes again. I know you love the V-kits, but the New Rock is so wonderful broad stereo... I think that I can get that snare "fatter" by tone editing it, or maybe just selecting another snare. The E-80 has truckloads of them (You got to LOVE the MakeUp tools...)

BTW, seeing as how you put the MIDI file into the E80, added the Guitar Mode stuff and used Makeup Tools, you ought to have an SMF that COULD be played on anyone else's E80...

That's correct. I have.

Happy owner of a Roland E-80 V2

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Happy owner of a Roland E-80 V2

#261080 - 04/06/09 03:20 PM Re: "You're so vain" on a Roland E-80
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In sequencer mode, you can have as many drum tracks as you want... so there's no reason to give up the rest of the kit to get the snare sound you want if it is not available by Makeup Tools...

Oh, and I think I'd just layer it in the background, rather than replace the snare outright. To a certain extent, the basic sound is 'sound' it just needs some extra 'pop' to make it more timbrally dynamic, IMO...

You could 'copy' just the snare note, paste into another MIDI track, and then Makeup Tool (or transpose) it to be the snare sound you want. Then a volume command (not reducing the velocity) will sit it in the mix without losing the full dynamic range...

Hope this helps.

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#261081 - 04/07/09 08:26 AM Re: "You're so vain" on a Roland E-80
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Nice stuff! Would have preferred real guitar, but that's my sensitive spot, and what you used is OK.

Much prefer what you did over a sequence i heard done on a T-3 the other day. Like the Roland sounds a lot.


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