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#261050 - 04/04/09 11:23 PM What percentage ROM styles do you use?
Diki Offline

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Just a simple poll... It would be interesting to see what each of us thinks we use, percentage-wise, of the original ROM styles that came with your arranger, and what are anything else... Like 3rd party, original, heavily edited, translations, etc., etc..

Just basically ROM to the rest...

It perhaps would help illustrate whether there is much need beyond the original, or whether third party support, translations, etc., are very important or not.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#261051 - 04/04/09 11:31 PM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
Nedim Offline
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I dont really have to participate in this since you know but to the max maybe the most
344 Rock or Pop/Disco styles, nothing else, none, most of the time not even that.
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#261052 - 04/04/09 11:54 PM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
spalding1968 Offline
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i actually use about 70% orf them but thats purely because i like to remix songs using differnt styles

#261053 - 04/05/09 02:43 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?

I use probably 40 to 50 of the onboard styles, but with the E80's cover function, the variations thereof are many. Beyond the ROM styles, I use the "Gold" styles of the E80's V2 upgrade disproportionately often. They're so versatile.

I have a handful of third party styles I call upon. Just penny numbers, though. And I only use them in specific instances where I can find nothing better onboard, which is rarely.

#261054 - 04/05/09 06:24 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
Bill in Dayton Offline
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I'd say I use upwards of 90% of the styles that came with the T2. Most are not edited in any significant way at all.

The rest are 3rd party creations I've picked up along the way.

Bill in Dayton
Bill in Dayton

#261055 - 04/05/09 06:27 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
to the genesys Offline

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10% of ROM Styles.

#261056 - 04/05/09 07:44 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
ianmcnll Offline
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100% ROM styles for demos and clinics.

0% for my own music

I heavily edit, beginning with ROM and third party styles, using Style Assembly, in most cases re-making Intro 1 into a stop/fill, and Intros 2/3 into additional Main Variations as well as making the transitions between each section more musical.

Fills are edited as well to fit the changes between variations.

Generally my re-assembled styles are arranged thusly:

Variation A...Verse 1

Variation B...Verse2

Variation C...Bridge/Chorus

Variation D...Last verse.

The modified Intros 2/3, are generally between 4-8 bars in length, and are usually meant to use as lead-ins to Variations B and D...essentially giving me a style with a total of six variations and an extra stop/fill.

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#261057 - 04/05/09 08:49 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
zuki Offline
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I use 100%, with many more to still explore. "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby"
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#261058 - 04/05/09 08:51 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
124 Offline
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95% ROM on my Pa1XPro.

#261059 - 04/05/09 10:14 AM Re: What percentage ROM styles do you use?
mr9000 Offline

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I probably use a Maximum of 10 onboard styles at most every year.

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