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#256242 - 02/15/09 08:23 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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Originally posted by Gunnar Jonny:
Exchange rates have a lot of bearing on the prices a manufacturer
sells in this country as well as other countries around the world.
It's a export/import issue, just like other products.


Wrong choice of words on my part

The exchange rate has little bearing on product prices, as manufactures price their products on what they believe the customers of a particular country will accept.

This is why there is about a $3000 price difference when converting £ - $ and Kr - $ as your country is more affluent then the UK and so will accept higher prices.

Yes I know it’s not fair, but that’s how manufactures work. (Exceptions are the Euro zone which tends to be more tightly regulated, but even here there can be quite a number of variances)


English Riviera:
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#256243 - 02/15/09 08:33 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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Nedim stated: "cuz if the chords are not there in March they
will be in April."

is this so AJ/Ketron?
the chords will come at a later time cuz this AUDYA is open architecture?
and is 64MB Ram enough o handle TONES of additional chords? it seems like it wouldn't be able to accomodate so much more loops/wavs

Please clarify/confirm AJ, as we wouldn't want rumors to continue...

can we please have a simple answer to a simple question... ???

what's the future of AUDYA,??
and chances of getting ALL complex chords in Audio?

yes, no, maybe so ??
or do i have to wait till the clinic to ask the question?

honesty greatly appreciated ,

#256244 - 02/15/09 08:53 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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Why can't Sandos or someone from the R&D team for Ketron Italy post a few answers here on SZ or a blog of their own etc etc ... is AJ a one man team around teh world? would greatly benefit their project Audya & silence all this BS & heresay.......I'm sure they are reading all this every day

#256245 - 02/15/09 10:02 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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Oh I'll bet they ARE NOT reading this every day. It has turned into the usual shouting match and is a monumental waste of time.
I'm through with this thread.
When I get my Audya, I will know its capabilities. What I personally heard and saw last month was enough to make me want one, and I would want one even if it didn't have a single audio loop.
I won't be reading this thread any more.
When Ketron is ready to tell us more they will.
If you can't wait, just buy something else.

#256246 - 02/15/09 10:35 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
Diki Online   content

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Originally posted by Nedim:
People, stop blabering, i've been on this forum for 2 months and lost respect for
most of you, its like a bunch of guys having nothing else to do, going around and
criticizing people and companies. Stop deffending yourselfs on the Hype Ketron
give 3 years ago. Wait for a finished Model, then judge, they can give hype 10
year ago but you have no right to judge it then, not before its finished. Stop acting
like a bunch of kids and telling me i am agressive or whatever. We are like a bunch
of old ladies in here worying about each others feelings. Who gives a DAMN about
your feelings, i dont give a flock about anyones feelings if you are wrong. Go hide
your self and cry if i offended you, or cry to the admin and ban me.
MRDave, so now, you really think this is how the AUDYA will sound? That chord
is the worst thing i've heard in my life, and yes, i tried it too and it did the same thing
to me in front of me but you really think i am that stupid to believe that Ketron will
leave it like that on a 5000$ machine? I dont know, only Stupid person can believe
so and again, i dont give a flock about anyones feelings. There was few members
in here that i had respect for but they proved they are just lil kids not knowing
anything...and Lee, you are pushing it too much bro, i expected more from you.

OK BBBB, explain why you got worked up about the 'troll' reference, and didn't get worked up about this...(and several subsequent ones, not to mention calling another member drunk or on drugs on another thread)

Oh, I get it... Ketron supporters can be as rude as they want because... they are Ketron supporters.

The rest of us should just tolerate it because, in YOUR opinion, their 'point' is right?

Your bias betrays you....
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#256247 - 02/15/09 11:11 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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I did but I bit my "keyboard". I have to do that quite a bit on this forum! Actually wading through all the rhetoric is rather tedious. The "troll" comment was the catalyst. Come on Dikki, you are knowledgeable, can definitely play and it's for that I admire you and others on the forum. I have no bias towards anyone including Nedim or any manufacturer. I just prefer to avoid name calling etc. Its easy to sit down at a keyboard relatively anonymously and flame away. I appreciate the fact that we have a WORLDWIDE platform and admire those who post with English as a second or third language and a different culture. They may not understand the "subtle" North American humor or be able to expressive themselves as articulately in their native language. There are also people who are making their living producing music,hardware,software etc. Personal attacks as to their integrity,competence or sincerity would be grounds for legal action if this were done in certain media. I do not know anyone on this board personally but I do know we have a wide cross section of creative and technical expertise which is invaluable when given a chance to express itself. So as Don M. has said I too am done with this particular thread.

#256248 - 02/15/09 03:56 PM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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Here is the Germany website conversion price from Euros: 4,137.20 EUR = 5,291.32 USD (this is before tax mind you)

The U.K. website of 4,759.26 USD (from Euros) is before tax also. With a CA. tax rate of 7.75% the Audya would cost 5,128.11 after tax in my home State.

PS: The reason I was saying around $5,000 was because the (beta) Audya that was being sold a while back on a U.K. website was around $5,100 or so. If they were selling a beta Audya for that amount I would have to think the fully released version will be comparable in price if not more. And apparently I was in the ballpark huh??..

>> I wanted to respond to "To The Genesis" about my using the word flawed when evaluating the Audya's inner pinings. You are right. I think "flawed" was a misnomer and an overstatement of the fact. I think a better word would be "shortcoming" instead.

Either way though: the Audya, in my opinion, has "limitations" that should be addressed. It is up to each person to decide if those limitations are still worth the high price tag attached to the Audya. Call it an opinion, call it a biased opinion, call it what you want. It is ultimately my own personal opinion based on my own understanding of the Audya (because getting answers from Ketron is like pulling teeth i.e. a very difficult procedure) but is "not" meant to dissuade "others" from buying the Audya.

>> We need to call a spade a spade though don't we? We don't want to walk around like the "Emperor's New Clothes" and hide our heads in the sand against all reason, along with the facts that are starting to stare us in the face. If people are still willing to shell out the dough for an Audya I say MORE POWER TO THEM! Evidently for them the positives outweigh the negatives.

I commend them in their decision if they choose to do so. Because hopefully it will help to keep Ketron afloat through these difficult economic times. Although the people who buy an Audya may face bankruptcy themselves instead. Hopefully not though.

All the best,
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#256249 - 02/15/09 06:39 PM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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All I can do is hope that Nedim is as personally rude as he posts to any of the people at the rollout in NY. I know for sure what he would get saying his piece to my face! And I don't imagine Donny has any more patience Or, to be honest, ANY customer.

But come here and 'blabber' all you want, Nedim. I am STILL waiting to find out if he has anything to do with Ketron in the first place...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#256250 - 02/15/09 10:27 PM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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A “limitation” is something that any user or non user can say a product has.
I don’t have a T3 but I think it has a limitation in that it does not have 76 keys. I can also say it has another limitation in that the sampler takes to long to load files and that you can not load other samples than wave and Yamaha proprietary samples.

Just doing a straight conversion of currencies does not necessarily mean a manufacturer would sell at that price. They may for example employ a strategy of moving lots of volume of a product in a particular territory. They also look at what that market in a particular location would be willing and able to pay with their particular currency.

But despite what I consider to be “limitations” I do not say it should not be the price it is.

And guess what, Yamaha does not consider them to be limitations.
The T3 works as they intended it to work.

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#256251 - 02/16/09 12:00 AM Re: KETRON AUDYA - what makes it unique and release dates ...
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In order to play extended chords properly, or be able to fluently change chords between bars (upbeat - true for any Ketron Arranger), it's advisable to have the CHORD MODE for all chords (or those which might not sound right when triggered instantly ...) set to NORMAL and not RETRIGGER (as was clearly the case for the AUDIO chord/5 in the above demonstration). When set to RETRIGGER, the chords are played instantly when you change and this can be nice for sounds like STRINGS but horrible for GUITARS .. and especially for the AUDIO parts. When set to NORMAL, the chords are quickly 'analized' and set by the arranger before they are played - usually quantized to the next 16th beat note.
Demos of AUDYA with chord extensions will be uploaded later today demonstrating how AUDYA changes and sounds with extended chord changes (both with ONLY auto accompanyment and with Auto Accompanyment plus a lead Nylon Guitar played to the right of the SPLIT point)... just to give you an example ... .
Accompanying notes/text will explain each video (as has been the case before) so please read the text to understand what was done or what's going on (when time permits).


PS: When watching these videos on Youtube, please click on the "Watch in HIGH Quality" for better video and sound ... it makes a difference (videos were recorded in HD and then down-converted!!


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