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#2556 - 10/05/02 04:51 PM Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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What the hell? Are Roland's R & D personell hanging out in strip clubs instead of the office or something?

I hate KORG with a passion, but you have to admit, their Korg Triton Studio is the sexiest moderately priced powerful workstation that I've ever come across.

When will Roland drop the fruity Fantom and put out a real board? Who the hell cares about a large screen? A keyboard compliment of the XV5080 just like the XP compliment (60/80) to the JV2080.

The Infamous Epu.

#2557 - 10/06/02 01:14 AM Re: Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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I think all of the manufacturers have kind of stalled at the moment. There are some exceptions like Clavia with the Electro series and NL3. Hopefully there will be an update on the Modular OS soon.

The Hartmann Neuron looks to be different also. Expensive as hell, but that was expected.

Alot of the new exciting stuff is on the softsynth side of the market. Hopefully more hardware manufacturers will catch on.


#2558 - 10/06/02 08:27 PM Re: Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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I don't think Roland is bringing new XP-70 to market. they already believe the fartom is the XP-90.

#2559 - 10/07/02 11:34 PM Re: Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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too many synths!!! What we need now is just a plain sample playback machine. Sample the sounds from the pc and then load it into a sample playback or sampler.

#2560 - 10/11/02 01:24 PM Re: Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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Roland cheated and gave you both the Roland XP-70, and XP-90 in one machine and called it the Fantom...

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#2561 - 10/12/02 03:06 PM Re: Where the hell is Roland's XP70 and XP90?
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