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#247 - 12/29/05 10:45 AM "Best" general midi module
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Hi, I am looking around for what could possibly be considered the "best" general midi module. I use quotes, because I am looking for the best in only a few criteria.
Basically, the SC-33 that I have right now has rather poor piano sounds.
I am looking for a basic sound module, which has high quality piano sounds. I would prefer that the module be a general midi module (has just the basic 128 sounds), because then I can get rid of the sc33. I do not care too much about the quality of the other sounds though.
Additionally, compactness is a huge plus.
As such, I have been looking at Yamaha's MU15. It is cordless, and smaller than a vhs tape.
What is everyone's opinion on the MU15? Do you think that there is a module with better, deeper, piano sounds than my sc33? Is the MU15 a good step up?

#248 - 12/29/05 01:50 PM Re: "Best" general midi module
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If it's piano samples you're after then having to choose between several GM modules seriously limits your options.
Some may have piano samples that are a tat better than what you've got in your SC33 but don't expect a radical difference since the total sample ROM on most GM modules is only a few megs. An entire library of sounds squeezed into a few megs means short samples and relatively low quality. can't have that if you want a good piano.

what you could look into instead is perhaps a synthesizer workstation with good on-board ROM and GM compatibility (Press GM and you're in a familiar world. Except the samples are longer and the sounds are better in quality).

I'm not saying you should run out and buy a Motif ES or Phantom and use them in GM mode. But getting out of "GM only box" will surely give you more to choose from. Again, if it's just a few basic sounds you're after then most workstations and hi-end modules have a GM mode.

yamaha XG standard is another thing to explore. More variations of the same sounds. cleaner FX and more flexibility with editing (nothing that's rocket science though).

Another alternative is software. There are some good software instruments and GM sound fonts that feature much much much better piano (and other acoustic) samples than any hardware. Of coarse if you're not setup to use software instruments this isn't something that you can explore at this point. Consider it though.

I mean next thing you know you wil be playing Spectrasonics "Ivory" along with some nice giga-GM set and laugh at all the GM stuff that you were considering.

Sorry I can't answer your question about that yamaha but generally I find Yamaha synths a tat warmer sounding than say Roland synths. Not having heard the module you're talking about I can't say if it's better or worse than your SC33. I've used SC33 though and I can say for sure that it's pianos suck. They were good when the SC33 first came out but times have changed. So no wonder you're considering geting rid of it. It's old junk man. Used and loved by many of us but it's history nevertheless.

So here you go. That was my $00.02 for you.


A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.
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A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.
- - - Oscar Wilde

#249 - 12/29/05 04:41 PM Re: "Best" general midi module
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Hey, thanks a lot for the input.
I will definitely look into the XG series.
I was considering looking into a good, expandable workstation, but I am severely limited by budget. I usually just work with my M-Audio Keystation Pro and hook up modules with that thing. I just got the controller too, so it would seem really dumb for me to not even break the thing in, and then sell it once again.
The reason I chose GM modules was mostly because I prefer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, but considering the way the market has developing, I probably should drift away from that idea.

Again, muchos gracias.

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