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#236501 - 06/20/08 03:51 PM Talk About Kurzweil?...............
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#236502 - 06/20/08 05:56 PM Re: Talk About Kurzweil?...............
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Kurzweil ROCKS...Darn it... I wish they built an arranger!
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#236503 - 06/20/08 06:49 PM Re: Talk About Kurzweil?...............
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I got mine; in fact I have two - SP2, Mark V. Love them both.
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#236504 - 06/20/08 10:20 PM Re: Talk About Kurzweil?...............
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Its not the keyboard that makes the music, but the player...Jordan is one of the best keyboardplayers in the world. He can make an entry level PSR sound better then most of us on a T2.
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#236505 - 06/21/08 12:44 AM Re: Talk About Kurzweil?...............
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Did anyone else get a Spinal Tap moment out of that solo?

It still astounds me that the same yahoos that will whoop and holla while Jordan quotes some classical chestnut, or meander all Liszt-like for a while, would never be caught dead actually going to see a REAL virtuoso pianist play some REAL Liszt or Chopin...

One of the things I always liked the most out of Rick Wakeman, or Keith Emerson back in the day, is how they always tempered their classical chops with a blues sensibility, or jazz, or just plain inventiveness. Jordan's chops are formidable, but I just don't see the effort to not be derivative that the first generation prog-rockers did...

JMO, of course. You got to respect the player, but not always what he plays...

BTW, I still have my K2500S. A masterpiece of engineering, capable of doing the most whacked out things I can ever ask of it (and I can think of some pretty sick things!). But, I have to confess, it has dropped to #2 in my arsenal for strictly piano. The warmth and dynamic range of the G70 piano far surpasses the K except for the most cutting rock stuff (I have the piano daughter-board expansion, and most of the TOTL libraries for it, too). A major surprise for me, right there...

But it's B3 sim handily beats my G70's Hammond clone

Having them next to each other in my studio is keyboard nirvana. They somehow cover each other in the best way... One's strengths is the other's weakness...

And, I think that if Kurzweil haven't come out with an arranger by now, it is unlikely to ever happen, now that arrangers in general are starting to lose market share to the younger player's loop-station tools of choice. JMO


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