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#226560 - 02/08/08 12:02 PM Songbook and Volume control question
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Hi All;
Is it possible to set up songs in the songbook and be able to control the volume between variations for each example....
Say"Var. 1 Drums at= 80... Bass = 90"
"Var. 2 Drums at = 127... Bass = 60 ect."
I know I can change volumes for the STS. Some times switching between variations, the acc. become too loud or too soft.
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#226561 - 02/08/08 01:45 PM Re: Songbook and Volume control question
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Hi Princess,,
I'm not really familiar with the songbook functions, so , sorry can't help.

The way I alter volumes between the variations , is in the style edit mode.
I alter the expression setting.

As far as I can tell on korgs , if you alter the volume (of just say the bass) on the main style play page, it affects all the basses in all the variations, fills etc.
If you lower the volume with the expression setting in style edit, you treat each instrument individually.

The only time you have to be carefull is if there's expression data already in the track, like a fade in or fade out in intro's & endings. There is actually a little meter that shows that type of expression data up. In which case, I have actually decreased or increased the velocity of a track. Again in style edit mode.

If you decide to give it a try, save as a user style first, don't overwrite the existing unless you know it will work for you.
best wishes
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best wishes
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