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#221015 - 06/16/00 04:01 PM Wanting a Keyboard for 500US$

Hi to everybody out there.
I'm a saxophone and guitar italian player wanting to enter the world of MIDI keyboards.
As a first try I have about 500US$ to spend.
Well I've been considering both new and used keyboards, but I've found no uninterested suggestion on which one to buy.
The thing I want are : GOOD sounds (no digital sounding piano and similar stuff: as an acoustic player I'm poorly interested in Synth sounds and complex routines of manipulation, very interested in sound quality), a disk drive, a nice screen, 60 full size keys, possibly an AUDIO IN jack and some AUDIO out jacks.
The models I'm thinking of are:
Casio 731/811 (320 US$) nice look, poor sound
Roland EM-50 (500 US$) very good sounds, poor look
Farfisa tk84 (330 US$) poor look, poor sound
Yamaha PSR 540/640 both medium look, good sounds, difficult to manage velocity

In the range of used models:
Yamaha PSR-6000 (500US$)
nice look, don't know sounds
Korg i5 (500 US$) great sounds and arranger, poor screen, look, INs and OUTs
Technics KN2000 and 1000 (500 and 250 US$)
Roland E70 (250US$) nice sounds, good amplification, no disk drive
Various CASIO.

Can anybody help me, or suggest me to look for something else. I can wait the good occasion!

Hope to hearing from you all soon.

#221016 - 06/16/00 05:06 PM Re: Wanting a Keyboard for 500US$
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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Hi !!!

I would suggest a Solton MS-100 or MS-50.
It has no screen, but it looks good and the sounds are very nice.
Except it is not new.


#221017 - 06/17/00 02:50 AM Re: Wanting a Keyboard for 500US$
DannyUK Offline
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Thanks for your mini review (i am sure we will hear more from you hopefully).

The VA-7 sounds great, and it gives me great confidence in what you personally have said because its sounds totally genuine and unbiased.

But how does it compare to the X1? I would really like to know some views on how it compares because the X1 to me sounds so realistic, its hard to match let alone beat it! Of course, the Variphrase is a Roland exclusive, im not comparing the features.

If the VA-7 has better styles and sounds than the X1, then Roland have one totally amazing keyboard on their hands.

I cant wait to hear the comparisons (unless I get to hear one first)!!

Interesting times.

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#221018 - 06/17/00 04:10 AM Re: Wanting a Keyboard for 500US$
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sorry, ignore the above reply as it was on the wrong subject !!!!!!

Ketron SD7, Pa1000, Tyros4, SX900


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