As far as sound editing goes, modulation, TVF and envelope seem to be the only variables. Personally, I think there are more than enough sounds and fx to sift through.

I have yet to get to grips with the full 16 track seq. however, after studying the manual it seems reassuring, all the usual facilities are there, although I couldn't find a Quantize 'Undo' function!?

As for the sampler, I've played around with this alot.
With 56 secs of sampling time I decided to capture the beginning of a song ('Wonderwall' by Oasis) to see how it coped. FYI This track comprises of an acoustic guitar intro (strummed) where the lead vocal joins in.

After brief truncating and encoding I played it back.
Normal pitch OK. Next try 1 tone up. The guitar intro was tring to repitch but resulted in much 'noise'. Amazingly, when the vocal came in it had been 'Variphrased' perfectly and could be transposed and speeded no problem. Really freaky, pity about the guitar bit.

That led me on to sampling my own guitar strums. Again, it didn't quite come off. It sampled OK but couldn't repitch a chord. It seems it can only 'variphrase' one note at a time. It's still pretty amazing though.

Maybe the next revolution will be involve repitching chords instead of single notes.

I had to try it!