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#218911 - 11/09/05 05:43 PM OT- End of an era for me

Hi all,

My band of 29 years played our last job together 3 weeks ago. With several of the members doing a fair amount of job related traveling, and a general slow down of bookings for larger bands, we decided to end things. Of course we are all good friends so it's not like we won't be talking to each other but it is still sad to see it end. Here is our website; .

Anyway, at our farewell gig, the person who hired us was really into jazz organ and paid extra to move my XB3 (Hammond Suzuki) and 145 to the venue. Here is a short little video someone took of that gig. This is the first time I have played pedals in years. The audio quality is terrible; the sound was being picked up only by the video camera’s internal microphone. Video

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it!


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#218912 - 11/09/05 06:11 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
Stephenm52 Offline
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I really enjoyed your playing the B. Nice work for someone who hasn't kicked pedals in years.

#218913 - 11/09/05 06:54 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
trtjazz Offline

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Dave excellent. Sad to see you guys break up the band, there's not enough good players with the chops like you guys have.

jam on,
jam on,

#218914 - 11/09/05 07:19 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
renig Offline

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Been there, WDMcM. It is a sad occasion to be sure. I guess the only way now is to get in on the arranger scene. Tell you what though, even with all the latest and greatest technology there's nothing that replaces the chemistry of a bunch of guys just givin' 'er.

The important thing is to just keep on rockin'. All the best to ya.

#218915 - 11/09/05 07:32 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
Fran Carango Offline
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#218916 - 11/09/05 07:33 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
claudiu Offline

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yeah..with all this just need a good keyboard and you sound like an entire opera...but there's not the same's a sad thing that you guys broke up the band...and impressive song list-best wishes

#218917 - 11/09/05 07:33 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
btweengigs Offline
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All I can say is "WOW"!

Both Respect and the Jazz clip are fantastic.


#218918 - 11/09/05 08:02 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me
tony mads usa Offline
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Dave... I feel your loss ... we were together 26 yrs when a company move (my day job) broke us up ... It was sad indeed ... without that 'security blanket' around me, I didn't play a gig for 7 years !!!
t. cool

#218919 - 11/10/05 05:33 AM Re: OT- End of an era for me
zuki Offline
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Time to go solo
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#218920 - 11/10/05 08:26 AM Re: OT- End of an era for me
Jerry Mullikin Offline

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Sorry to hear the group is no longer together! Is it possible some of you could form a smaller group? I'm sure you will maintain contact, especially after being together all thoses years.

Jerry M

#218921 - 11/10/05 08:49 AM Re: OT- End of an era for me
Dnj Offline
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been there, done that for 20 years with a 7pc band .......
went solo 15yrs ago & never looked back, best move I ever made....

Times have changed my friend, go with the flow....things happen for a got the talent & the magic ....
make it work for ya

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#218922 - 11/10/05 02:06 PM Re: OT- End of an era for me

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the nice words. I feel very lucky that I was in a band consisting of 7-8 members that got along so well together for such a long time. No hassles, no big heads, no conflicts, etc. And I starting missing it an hour after we made the decision to close up shop. But I am sure from time to time that at least some of us will get together to play, just not as Impact.

As for my plans now, I have been considering doing some solo work; I do have this great arranger/workstation that I may as well put to use (not that it is just sitting around doing nothing right now )

But my number one desire is to play B3 with a drummer and possibly a female vocalist, horn player or (gulp ) a guitarist. Of course I have a sneaking suspicion that the Genesys Pro S will end up on top of the B3. I mean if it is good enough for Joey DeFrancesco, its good enough for me.

Thanks again for watching the video and for your encouragement. I really appreciate it.


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#218923 - 11/12/05 04:24 AM Re: OT- End of an era for me
Nigel Offline

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The music is great Dave. You really make that B3 sing. The whole combo sounds fantastic and I can understand that you'll miss playing with them. But I think any musical project you are involved with is going to be great with you at the keyboard.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

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