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#217019 - 05/14/05 11:53 AM This laptop good enough for recordings?
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Before I dig into it and spend time and maybe more money... do you think this laptop I have would do rough demo recordings okay?

Dell Inspiron 7500
Pentium III 451 MHz
256KB cache
250MB total phsyical memory
10GB hard drive
Soundcard Maestro-2 PCI Audio Accelerator
Floppy drive, CDROM drive

This is my brother's laptop and I have been using it for months with a Linux Xandros shell. If need be, I could install Windows on it. I could buy it from him. Wonder what it's worth?

I could also use my Fostex MR-8 recorder and upload to this laptop via USB. Appears that this laptop has a USB port. But just wondering... if this laptop would have enough horsepower to record rough demo's, it would be simpler than using the Fostex.

And based on what I read in another thread, I guess this laptop would be enough to play mp3's at gigs.

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#217020 - 05/14/05 12:10 PM Re: This laptop good enough for recordings?
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More then enough for mp3's for sure.
As for recordings, I would think that 451MHz would do, but to make certain, I would suggest that you for instance download the demo version of Powertracks Pro 9. This program will record midi and/or wav files and mix them, add effects, etc. If that works well, I guess anything would.

As for the HD, 10Gig minus one or two operating systems and some programs is going to cut it somewhat short for keeping audio recordings as WAV's. Convert them to mp3's as soon as possible. Midi files are short enough, no space problems there.

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#217021 - 05/14/05 02:37 PM Re: This laptop good enough for recordings?
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Ditto what John said!

As for the price, nothing more than $200 tops for these at the computer shows.

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