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#216514 - 07/14/06 05:09 PM Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Jerryghr Offline
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Since the new models are out, the older model has dropped in price.


#216515 - 07/14/06 05:13 PM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Fran Carango Offline
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Jerry, let me know when it comes down to $150..

#216516 - 07/14/06 08:00 PM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Scott Langholff Offline
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Anybody know what the difference is between the current model and this version?

#216517 - 07/14/06 09:55 PM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Scottyee Offline
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The newest model includes software version 4.0 , while the older model (available on sale from link Jerry cited) comes with version 3.1. The new model includes more internal hardware memory (RAM) of which is required for 4.0 to work. Unfortunately this hardware RAM is only installable by the manufacterer 3.1 MusiPad Pro+ owners must must send their unit to Freehand (and pay an upgrade fee) to gain the memory + software version 4.0 upgrade. I chose to upgraded (swapped) my 3.1 model MusicPad Pro+ unit for a 4.0 unit back in January 2006. Contact Kevin Crowder at Freehand Sytems for the current 4.0 upgrade fee: .

Ok, here are just a few select links to SZ topics on the MusicPad Pro+:


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#216518 - 07/15/06 03:09 AM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Stephenm52 Offline
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I wouldn't be without mine at even at $1100(what I paid). As a part time musician who's only be playing semi-pro for just under 2 years, I wouldn't be without the MPP since it beats hauling around 4 inch thick binders with lead sheets. Too bad I didn't wait a little longer at $499, I could have bought 2, one for a back up

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#216519 - 07/15/06 07:17 AM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Esh Offline

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Not all MPP's are upgradeable - I'm guessing that these $499 models are not upgradeable to v4.0. However, is the bug-ridden v4 upgrade worth the extra $700? Hell no. If I had to do over I would get the $499 model (or follow Fran's suggestion).

I agree that the MPP has become an indispensible part of my gear but Freehand's v4 is sloppy at best and not a single service release to address the problems has come out this year. Simply put, Freehand sucks.

#216520 - 07/15/06 07:33 AM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Bernie9 Offline
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You are right. These are the units with low serial numbers, and they say the cost to upgrade would be "major".

I wouldn't part with mine either, and my upgrade is fine for me. But then I didn't opt for the deluxe package, because I wouldn't use it. At least I don't feel bad now about the low price.

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#216521 - 07/15/06 03:24 PM Re: Music Pad Pro+ now $499
Bob Hendershot Offline

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I'm another happy user and I don't know how I got by before the MPP. I have version 4 and it works fine for me. There are several minor software problems remaining but if you know they are there you can work around them. I especially like the newer notation options that let you handle text and music symbols in color on top of your notation. I am not a fan of the version 4 browser, though.


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