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#213693 - 12/09/00 06:36 PM Yamaha DJX-II
wyred4sound Offline
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Hey everyone,

I wondering if any of you have information on the DJX-II (that's not on the site). Also, if any of you use one, maybe give me some of the good and bad points? I have a DJX-I now and am looking to upgrade.

Any input is welcome!

Peter Russell

#213694 - 12/09/00 09:07 PM Re: Yamaha DJX-II
George Kaye Offline
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I own a music store in California and I sell the new DJX II. I can tell you, it's a very exciting keyboard, and although I never really liked the original DJX, because it seemed to much like a portable keyboard with some DJ functions, the new II is all DJ from the ground up. Although there are keys on the DJX II, there is no way to play auto arranger functions. The built in patterns have 10 variations per style and there are 4 or 5 looped grooves and 4 or 5 one shot grooves besides the 10 variations. The recording mode is really cool because everything you touch and change is recorded into a track and if you record more than one track you can hit a different track anytime and the new track plays immediately when you push the new track. There is no lag or "hic-cups" after you push a new track to begin. There is also a sampler which is cool but not a lot of memory. Only abouat 6 seconds. The filter functions are much improved and the part select on and offs are very much improved. there are very few "normal" sounds in this new machine. Only one piano and almost all the other sounds are analog and grooves. There is a very cool effects section which allows for total manipulation of your sounds. If you press the lowest keys on the keyboard, you can transpose the keyboard into new keys, so if you are playing along with CD's or records, you can find the proper key.
A new feature in being able to program your own styles if you use your computer. Yamaha has a really good website where you can program your own styles or download other peoples styles.
All in all, I really like this new DJX and if you have any specific questions, please let me know.
to the rest of our discussion group members, this is not really an arranger keyboard, but is sold by Yamaha as one of their arranger keyboards. I would think that most of us over 30 would not be as into this keyboard as the younger readers are.
By the way, the price of this new keyboard is around $300.00 and is also available as a DJ box, with no keys, no onboard recording and not as easy to use. Price for the box is around $229.00.
George Kaye
Kaye's Music Scene
Reseda, California
George Kaye
Kaye's Music Scene
Reseda, California

#213695 - 12/10/00 05:05 PM Re: Yamaha DJX-II
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Hello Peter,
Keyboard magazine gave the DJX-II an excellent write up last month. However, George has done a great job with describing the DJX II. I have been using the new DJX to create Wav. files to use on the Solton X1. It is totally cool ! Alot of fun to be had for not alot of money . Most stores are selling the DJX II for $269.99. My store included ...... Guitar Center in Towson Maryland or Any Guitar Center near you !
Good luck, Dan O


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