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#211603 - 08/29/05 11:44 AM Re: So.. is the 3000 worth the cost vs the 2100 / 2000 ?
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I just wish Yammie would make a rack or module version of the 3000. I'd buy one of those for sure. My problem with the PSR line is primarily construction issues. I did have a short run with the PSR-2000, but there were some issues there. I didn't mind the issue of construction then because it was sold to me at a great price.

My one main issue is the quality of the pitchbend and modulation wheels. I don't know if the 3000 shares the same quality, but geez oh man how cheap they were on the 2000. There's just something about the return spring they use that just rubs me wrong. I honestly think they actually limit the pitchbending ability. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way too.

I use pitchbend a lot because there is a majority of my solo work done on the guitars and saxes. When doing guitar work you really don't need the modulation wheel. More realistic vibrato can be done using the pitchbend wheel. There's a trick (but you have to have fast thumb control). I use my pitchbend to bend a note and add vabrato. Maybe the other guitar players understand what I'm doing.

This technique cannot be performed on the PSR's. The pitchbend wheels just doesn't allow a smooth enough movement. Oddly enough my Casio WK-3500 does, and has a much better quality set of wheels than the PSR-2000 had.

Anyway sorry to rant on there. Yammie if you read this please consider a module or rack versions of your arrangers....


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[This message has been edited by squeak_D (edited 08-29-2005).]
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#211604 - 08/29/05 08:47 PM Re: So.. is the 3000 worth the cost vs the 2100 / 2000 ?
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I agree with you,Squeak.The wheels on the 3k are crap as well.The pitch ben d wheel makes a noise at the end of it's travel when you release it suddenly; I had an 8k that had great wheels.
I did a bagpipe emulation on the 8k (why?Does he ask!)that I couldn't do on the 2k-3k becuase of the noise when I released the wheel.I understand the guitar vibrato problem as's as if the wheel is too coarse.The pitch wheel is usually ideal as it lets you set the depth and rate on your own.
A 3k module and a nice light 76-88 key controller would be cool.

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#211605 - 08/30/05 09:43 AM Re: So.. is the 3000 worth the cost vs the 2100 / 2000 ?
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I've made the jump and for what I do it 's worth it just for the capacity of the smartmedia and the usb capabilities. The smartmedia was the killer thing for me, no more floppy disc shuffles! the "next" facility for midi file playback is also a huge help because I use midifiles much more than styles.

The sounds also seems cleaner to me, but if that had been the only difference then I would have been much less inclined to upgrade.

The 3k also seems to "overload" more easily on dense midi tracks; but use of "MidiPlayer" to reduce the levels of my midifiles soon sorted that issue; I think the 2k has the same issue but I didn't hear it as much.

hope this helps

John Allcock

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