I was told that PSR-740 multipad sounds can not be recorded into a song.

From there, I find that the MultiPad sounds do not seem to play the SBLive card, whereas the AutoAcc and R1, L, and R2 do play at the card.

I am told that the the PSR-8000 and 9000 do send MultiPad data out via MIDI channels (which would be the normal thing to expect).

Not being really MIDI enabled knowledgewise myself, can someone please comment on the apparent or definitive crippling of the MIDI capability of the MultiPads for the PSR-740 (they only play trhug the speakers and out via line-out but not via MIDI)??

I read at the forum differences from one model to another but was not aware, and did not expect this fundamental difference in the PSR-740 (what about the PSR-640?).