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#200228 - 04/16/07 12:18 AM OT: I'll be gone for a while...
Taike Offline
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Finally cut through all the red tape and am my way to Laos to join my wife and baby son, Mapanoy.

I've been living in Taiwan since 1981 (was 21 at the time), acquired Chinese (I am a "white" Chinese) citizenship and I admit to feeling a bit strange about leaving but at the same time I am excited to start all over in Laos. At least my Mandarin Chinese won't go to waste as China's only a bus ride away and I've made some Chinese friends in Vientiane.

It's back to school again! I've hired a Lao language tutor. Some of my friends on SZ know that I enjoy studying languages and one can never speak enough of them IMHO.

Can't wait to give alms to the monks every morning and visit them at the temple.

My buddies can expect a postcard although those in the US will have to wait several weeks before receiving theirs (remember last time?) but that's out of my hands. Just be patient.

Now hoping that I make it to Laos in one piece. My time on SZ might diminish somewhat but I'll still be around (sorry about that: i mean, still being around).


#200229 - 04/16/07 05:58 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
tony mads usa Offline
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Taike ... I wish you and your family the very best ...
t. cool

#200230 - 04/16/07 06:04 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
cgiles Offline
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Godspeed, my friend. Check in as soon as practical.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

#200231 - 04/16/07 06:15 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
squeak_D Offline
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Good luck with the move Taike. I hope all goes well and wish the best for you and your family.

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#200232 - 04/16/07 06:24 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
ianmcnll Offline
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Good luck and all the very best of well wishes to you and your family.

Have a safe journey,


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#200233 - 04/16/07 07:03 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
zuki Offline
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T -

Great news to be reunited with your family. I enjoyed conversation on the infamous "Fran" forum for a while too - those were fun times.

Keep in touch.

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#200234 - 04/16/07 07:58 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
Dnj Offline
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Good Luck to you my friend!!

Be safe

#200235 - 04/16/07 08:14 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
cassp Offline
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Best wishes to you and your family. Nothing can be better that to be reunited with loved ones. God bless you.

Cass Pawlowski
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#200236 - 04/16/07 08:32 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
captain Russ Offline
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We're all so happy for you, and look forward to continuing our friendship and the stmulating exchange of ideas and philisophy.

Best personal regards to you and family.


#200237 - 04/16/07 10:20 AM Re: OT: I'll be gone for a while...
Fran Carango Offline
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great news Taike..Don't be away long..Tell your wife I said hello..

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