I was intrigued by the trade of the PA-80 and the PSR-9000 by Uncle Dave and DonM. Two pros suddenly filled with youthful enthusiasm. I'm like that with telescopes: always craving something new.

Anyone interested in doing the same as Uncle Dave and DonM? I have a fairly new, scratchless, portable PA-80 (with a Pro-Tec padded soft carry case with pockets and handles) for someone on the go to gigs. I'm a stay-inside, so I would plunk down the big brick PSR on a table and happily play homebound. Variety is also a motive for me. I already have two Korgs, a Triton and a Karma, but have never tried a Yamaha (or anything else but a Korg, for that matter).

E-mail me if you want to have some fun exploring possibilities.