My question is somewhat complicated (I think).
I want to control my 9000pro with my rm1x (a hardware sequencer), and thus having control over 16 instruments (with the 16 midi channels). Controlling the instruments is no problem, I can send a MSB-LSB-PC command from the rm1x, and the 9000pro receives it and puts the right instrument on the right channel.

My question is: how can I put an effect on earch channel (thus on each instrument)?

I know it's something with sending SysEx, but I don't know what the string is, and I don't really understand the manual.

There are 8 DSP blocks, and 16 midi channels.. does that mean that there can only be 8 channels with FX?
And can FX be chained, so that for example midi channel 2 has a distortion, and tremelo and delay and reverb..?
I'm missing the structure of the 9000pro.. I think.

Or is there maybe something on the 9000pro where I can set the instruments+effects of all channels and store that setting so that I don't have to send the corresponding sysex from my rm1x?

The instrument on Right1 part doesn't mean that the instrument is placed on channel 1, does it?

I hope my questions are clear, otherwise, ask me

Thanks for your time,