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#192167 - 05/04/00 01:08 AM Which keyboard

I am sure this question gets asked all the time, but nobody can afford to spend thousands and end up with a keyboard not suitable for them.

KN6000 vs PSR9000 vs Solton X1HD

I am leaning towards the KN6000. I know it had alot of problems with technicord, but I understand these have been mostly resolved with updates despite Technics never admitting to a problem existing.

I understand that personal opinion counts for alot, but that aside - whats the general feel about the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Any one help me out ? Thanks,


#192168 - 05/04/00 08:56 AM Re: Which keyboard
DonM Offline
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Hi Skirmy,
If you will go back through the previous posts for a month or so, you will find volumes written about the relative merits of these three units. Mostly it boils down to which one best suits your own needs. They are all three fine keyboards.
The Technics and Yamahas are easier to learn to operate than the X1. Each has its own outstanding features and, of course, its own drawbacks. These features have been discussed repeatedly fairly recently. Good luck with your decision. You can always find help here.

#192169 - 05/05/00 12:13 AM Re: Which keyboard
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as DonM has just said, its down to your needs. the keyboards are great, all 3 are really good to own. there have been endless discussions about these keyboards and more. the favourite has been the X1 in which the PSR9000 has been close if not at least as equal to its popularity. I have a personal preference, and its the X1. But i have my reason for this. I recommend you listen to them if you can, as you said already they are expensive and require care when chosing.

some people have owned X1s and changed to PSR9000 because of its user friendliness not being all that. Some people have tried the PSR9000 and said it was quite similar to the PSR8000. There are many views. For what I use the keyboards for (which is occasional gigging with my father but i mainly want good styles for my songs i play/create), i chose the X1, for me it has the best styles together with excellent sounds. The PSR9000 has many advantages also. its a tough choice if you are a neutral.

i hope this helps.
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#192170 - 05/06/00 04:24 PM Re: Which keyboard
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Hi Skirm,

Yes you should try to find a music store where they can demonstrate all the instruments. My choice was the X1 because of its excellent styles and quick-operating features. I bought the HD type with a built-in HDD...... I NEVER use the Harddisk because all internal stuff is perfect. All styles that came later or on the harddisk sound poor compared to the internal styles.
So.... save money and don't buy the HD type.

kind regards,

Roel Netherlands


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