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#192023 - 05/11/05 10:56 PM PSR450 or EXR3?
Johannes Offline
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Hello everybody,

I am a guitarplayer wanting to buy a keyboard/arranger. I am currently interested in two keyboards that are for sale for (raletively) low prices:

Yamaha PSR 450 : 395.00 euros
Roland EX 3 : 374.00 euros

The prices above do coincide with my budget.
Could you all please shed some light on these two keyboards and tell me which one is the better choice? I have seen no direct comparisons on this forum.

Thank You Alot...

#192024 - 05/12/05 12:58 AM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
adimatis Offline
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hi there!
both these keyboard are pretty non professional. if you don t need a better but more expensive keyboard, the way to go is roland i believe. the same series of roland, with 76 keys and some extra sounds (exr7) is rated pretty good.
exr has better sounds, better key feel (though not very good!) better builded, and better design i believe!
...but your ear and your pocket should make the difference!
good luck!
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#192025 - 05/12/05 07:14 AM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
flatfoot Offline

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I got a Yamaha DGX 305 for around the same price. I like it a lot and suggest you take a look.

#192026 - 05/12/05 07:38 AM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
Johannes Offline
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I think it will be the EXR3. I don't want a professional keyboard (aint got the money). These two keyboards are available for 100.00 below their normal price because of a sell out, otherwise even these would be too expensive for me.

The DGX series are more meant for pianists I understand?

#192027 - 05/12/05 11:03 AM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
jamman Offline

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get an exr 5 or better psr 1100-all between under 600$.

as far as I know exr 3 has no FD or SM(though it has USB.

#192028 - 05/13/05 04:46 AM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
Johannes Offline
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I bought the EXR3. Keyboards like the EXR5 and PSR1100 were beyond my budget. The latter sells for 800.00 here in Holland.

Thnx for all your advice though, I apreciate it.

#192029 - 05/15/05 12:39 PM Re: PSR450 or EXR3?
Scott Langholff Offline
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Each to their own, if I had a choice I would choose a Yamaha. To me it is a much easier OS and better styles and sounds. Just MHO for what it's worth.

Main thing is to test them out and get the one YOU like for your specific needs. Try to find a dealer that will give you a 30 day home trial because believe me you learn a lot about the keyboard that way. Just buying one in a store on the spot may be a too quick and hasty way to make a decision.

Best of luck finding your perfect kb.


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