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#190378 - 04/26/00 12:13 AM Questions for all X1 Owners (ex-Owners included). Please reply.
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Hi everyone,

Whenever I plug my headphone into my X1, I always get a short electrical static noise as soon as the headphone touches the keyboard jack. The "very short but annoying" static noise just appears initially and it then disappears. (If I unplug the headphone and then plug it back into the keyboard, there will be no subsequent noise).

Is this kind of electrical static noise considered to be a normal thing in all X1 keyboards or is my X1 in some kind of potential trouble?

Does anyone else experience the same kind of electrical static when plugging the headphone into his or her X1?

How can I get rid of this type of electrical static?

I look forward to hearing from as many X1 owners (both current and ex-owners) as possible.

Many thanks for your help.

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#190379 - 04/26/00 08:25 PM Re: Questions for all X1 Owners (ex-Owners included). Please reply.
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Hello X1 user,
I am a Solton dealer in the Baltimore Maryland area. I recently demo'd the X1 for Solton at the Los Angelos NAMM show.I have never had a problem with the X1's headphone jack. I have plugged into many a X1's with headphones. None of the Solton owners have mentioned a problem as well.
You can certainly try different headphones . Or have the keyboard evaluated by the Local Technician. Good
Dan O. Guitar Center Towson

#190380 - 04/26/00 09:44 PM Re: Questions for all X1 Owners (ex-Owners included). Please reply.
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I used the headphones a lot, and never had that problem either. Have you tried touching the plug to discharge the static electricity (if that's what it is) just before plugging it in?


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