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#189139 - 05/13/05 07:49 PM PA80, Who has one, What do you think
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Hi all. After having many problems with Yamaha keyboards, i have ordered a Korg PA80 to replace my PSR 3000. I know that i will sacrifice some good for some bad or not so good, but i need reliability. The weight of the keyboard is also a factor, so the PA80 being about 30lbs also was taken into consideration. What are your thoughts on the PA80 ? Bob L.
Bob Lee

#189140 - 05/14/05 01:39 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
silva Offline

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Originally posted by mr82thebar:
. What are your thoughts on the PA80 ? Bob L.

Hi, maybe STAM can help you or email him.


#189141 - 05/14/05 02:29 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
Scott Langholff Offline
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Hi Bob

Just curious what the "many problems with Yamaha keyboards" was. Especially interested because I am considering getting a PSR3000 as a second instrument to my Tyros. (again!)


#189142 - 05/14/05 02:41 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
john smies Offline
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check out all the info and free downloads on:

#189143 - 05/14/05 04:00 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
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I've had mine for 4 years now. It's become a fixture here.

I can only draw back on when I had the PSR2000 as to why I thought that the PA80 was a better fit for me. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's better than a Yamaha, or any other arranger, but I will say that I am still happy with mine, as a real time or live performance board.

First off, I had numerous OS problem with my original 2k. As bad as that was, my second 2k was spot on reliable. So has the PA80 been. Never any OS issues or crashes.

Things I like about the PA80:

Styles sound more alive to me ( subjective )

The OS and how everything is laid out ( very subjective )

Organ, bass, reed, drum, and Synth sounds ( again very subjective )

Key feel is more solid vs PSR's ( Not only subjective, but the subject of many spirited debates here )

Good pattern editing sequencer

Ability to customize - Can modify or replace factory styles, detailed patch editing, detailed and well laid out global editing.

Things I don't like :

2 fills per style, and on a few styles poor matches to main variations.

Vocalizer ( optional ) is primitive vs what's available now.

Piano ( AC and electrics ) and a few other sounds ( guitars ) not up to par for me ( Subjective ). I think PSR is much better here.

I like the OS of the PA80 better. I know I'm in the minority here btw. I played the PSR3000 the other day, right at Keyboard City near Baltimore. I think it's a very cool arranger for the price. Nice sounds, nie styles. Looks like a very good OS. Still don't like the way the keys feel though. For live work though, I could live with the keys. In all honesty, I don't know if I could r.ecommend one over the other ( PA80 vs 3k )

As a side note, I missed DanO, as he had left for the day. Unfortunately, there was no SD1 either for me to try out, but I will be going back to Baltimore in the summer and hopefully will meet DanO and an SD1.. lol


#189144 - 05/14/05 05:40 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
ricok987 Offline

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I think the best thing about the PA-80 (I have a PA-50)is the keyboard is completely customizable. You can move, or replace any style, or sound with a different one, and this is one feature I don't think Yamaha will ever incorporate. A person that is good with programming would like Korg over Yamaha, yet a person that doesn't like to program would probably like Yamahas over Korgs. I tried to get the best of both worlds by teaming a PA-50 up with a Yamaha Motif 6, and a digitech vocalist VR.

#189145 - 05/14/05 07:17 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
STAM Offline

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Hi Bob,

The pa80 is a very good choice.
Good sounds overal, good styles, good os.
I play it now for 4 years and have had no problems.
Some styles need to be tweaked a little. The ergonomy is not the best but you will see that you will love it.
I have added an HD. That gives you unlimited storage space and the VHG1 that gives me a good microphone soud and effects (the harmonizer is unusable).
You will find on irishacts a community of users that will help you if needed. There are many additional styles and sounds available.

Good luck


#189146 - 05/14/05 08:28 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
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I have a PA-80 and a Tyros. I agree with Bluezplayer. I have had my PA-80 for 3 years and love the sound. It has more of a "a few guys jamming" sound to my ears - a sound not quite so produced as the Tyros. Leaves plenty of room for the player to add parts. The drums, guitars,Hammonds and Harmonica are fabulous.

Good luck,


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#189147 - 05/14/05 10:46 PM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
mr82thebar Offline

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Thanks to all who replied. To answer one of the questions: Im have had four(4 )Tyros in the last two years.all four had motherboard problems. The last one was sent for repair to California and after many phone calls from the technician, it finally was repaired.Since then i've ha no problems. I purchased a PSR3000 for a back-up keyboard, and after doing all the set-ups via thumb drive and Smart Media cards, i thought everything was going great. Well, after three weeks of playing at nursing homes, asst. living etc., the fade in fade out , voice layering( right1-2-leftEtc.) would not function. Guitar Ctr replaced it with a new 3000 and after one ans a half months, the same exact thing happend. There is not a scratch on either keyboard, and i am afraid to even touch another Yamaha keyboard. Maybe it's something in my system that makes the boards go bad, but i have not figured it out yet. The only positive thing to say is ,if that were the truth, then my Tyros that has been repaired in California, should not be working as it should. I've had a Solton MS 50, a Xi, and another Ketron board that slips my mind at this time. Also when i first started in the business about ten yeard ago, i had a Roland keyboard that was like an arranger, but you had to program the chords into the board and save to a floppy. Thus the questions about the PA80. Thanks to all for your help. I'm sure i'm going to miss the 3000 , just for the simplicity of getting around it, but again, i'm afraid to touch one. Bob L. P.S. I live in the Baltimore area and Dano is a good friend of mine, so if you're in the area give me a shout. )
Bob Lee

#189148 - 05/15/05 01:47 AM Re: PA80, Who has one, What do you think
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Great choice.

solid KB with good sounds and once you know how to dig it,it's worth.

make sure you get it under 1500$ though.


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