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#18442 - 10/31/98 08:36 AM ???Great 01W Piano Sample
Steve Ward Offline
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Are there any truly great piano samples for the 01W? I use a Kurzweil Micro Piano for my piano sounds because none of the Korg series synths; M1; 01; M3R etc seem to have one even close. I think the electric piano sounds are great and even the electric-accoustic sound-combis are usable but I've never been satisfied with their accoustic ones.

Any information on this would be appreciated.


#18443 - 11/01/98 06:37 PM Re: ???Great 01W Piano Sample
HellPope Huey Offline

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I'd suggest two things, piano-sound-wise: 1st, Korg offers a (admittedly pricey) PCM card with an acoustic piano wave set that's a vast improvement over the original. That's no doubt the result of manufacturers having to cram "everything" into a new synth, leaving only x amount of room for the piano sample, which, as you point out, often ends up being weak.
Second, by laboring over it a bit, I managed to get a pretty potent acoustic sound going in a combi. Of course, that may be a mere stopgap for your needs, but I like it pretty well. Layer the A01 & B01 pianos with a string sample ("The Strings" is a good choice) for a little more oomph and tweak the reverb & exciter FX. That may get you close, at least. I've found that about 4 layers leaves me with adequate polyphony for everything but Rachmaninoff! Good luck!


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