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#176539 - 11/09/00 05:39 PM Re: MZ-2000 - Casio's folly?
Jeff Ganaposki Offline

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CASIO seekers - here's some more info - an excerpt from an email about a comparison of a Roland by a Casio MZ2000 owner.
. . . .
Hi Jeff: You're right...several pro players I talked to wanted one or owned
an EM-2000 also. They were so persuasive that I began to r-e-a-l-l-y want one...I
called a local music store owner to ask if he had one...(the EM),but he had the G-1000.It was still in the box. For a week I was still in the box (kind of a laid-back establishment..Ha!).So I decided to just "show up" and ask to see it. He dug it out of the box..rapidly set me up in a
storage room (he had no room in the store,obviously)...and plugged it into a
questionable little amp. It looked like a guitar amp,to me. I'm telling you
this to let you know the circumstances with which I heard the G-1000. I used
my turbo start print-out to figure out how to turn it on...listen to the
sounds and styles.Foremost..after being familiar with the subtle and real
nuances in the MZ's instrument sounds...I found myself straining to hear the
same things in the EM.To me, the sounds were more "electronic" and flat.I
struggled a little with the weighted keys... the touch sensitivity was set
to almost zero sensitivity.I'm sure it was adjustable.But I really had to
thump on the keys.(I'm not a piano player..but guitar players don't have
wimpy fingers either).It didn't flow while I played.It was a labor.He didn't
provide me with a sustain pedal..which made a big difference in
playability.I never heard the "XG" voices that are part of the assortment of
sounds you can use with the EM.
...He pretty much knew I wasn't going to buy that one. I was glad to get it out of my system..and almost found myself wanting to repeat a line from the "Wizard of OZ" (Well... I learned that if I ever want to go seeking my heart's desire...I won't look any further than my own back yard)....Thus the
compulsion to hug my MZ when I got home.

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#176540 - 11/09/00 06:26 PM Re: MZ-2000 - Casio's folly?
Tony W Offline

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Hi all,

I can never understand why dealers act like this. Do they want to make money??? Even if I had loved a board if a dealer treated me that way I would be off and spend my money elsewhere.

In contrast when I went to see the EM2000 I had no intention of buying least not then and there. My dealer hooked it up and made it sing.

Of course I realised that when I got it home it would not sound half as good when I played it, basically because it would be me playing it....BUT the point is that he made me think that it might be possible if I persevered, for me to play like that.

I bought it without hesitation and can honestly say it is one of the best I have owned. I get as much pleasure from it as from the KN5000 that I used to own. Both are excellent boards...just in different ways.

I would not be averse to buying the casio if I liked it for exactly the same reasons. But my point is that if you go to buy a Casio...because you want one...any dealer worth giving your money to should make you feel just as important as the chap (or chapess) who just came in and bought that PSR 9000.

That's it ...Rant over

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