Today I bought a second pair of Genelec 1029A speakers. I had bought the first pair some months back for my studio. I have used them as computer speakers, monitoring audio when I have been editing my videos and I have used them for mixing with ProTools LE and Mbox. The second pair I bought today is for my Tyros. It will replace the Tyros speakers because they are much better quality. I was not very satisfied with Yamahas speakers and subwoofer they made for Tyros. The quality was much worse than the quality of the internal speakers of PSR9000 which I had before.

The Tyros sounds excellent with the Genelecs. The sound quality is crystal clear and you can hear very well the room acoustics. Now it is also much more convenient to do sound editing as soon as I get a second hand laptop PC that I could use the sound editor program. Then I could also update the OS of Tyros. You can not do that with Mac very easy and also Yamaha has not translated all the Tyros software tools for Mac. I hope that I will get the laptop soon.