As some of you may recall, I'm a PSR2000 owner trying to persuade the wife that I want to get a PSR3000.

Last night the "Compere" of the establishment was using a PA60HD.

So I've had a little play with the PA60 and as usual find that all the various statements made here over the recent past are pretty spot on.

So I would like the PA60 keybed installing in my PSR, please.

And some of the sounds would be nice.

But can I keep the PSR operating system? I could operate the PSR2000 "out of the box" without a manual and the PA did not give me the same confidence.

I agree with the opinion that the Korg styles are quite nice and a bit "fuller" but it sounds like a different band turns up to play the fills and endings. This was very noticable.

Heres an interesting sub-plot: the friend that he brought along had just bought a PSR3000. He already owned a PA80 and was very happy with it, but picked up a PSR1100 "at a price I couldn't refuse" and liked it so much he went and got a 3000 with which he is utterly impressed. Thinks its a steal at the price. I didn't have time to discuss anything else, unfortunately.
John Allcock