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#17027 - 11/29/99 01:47 AM Korg I5S - where can I find one?

I'm looking for a Korg i5s. Any ideas on where to find one? Would Korg have some stashed away in a warehouse somewhere?

#17028 - 11/29/99 02:38 PM Re: Korg I5S - where can I find one?
Fran Carango Offline
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I have a Korg I5S that will be traded at the end of Dec. It will be available for $400..Regards Fran

#17029 - 11/30/99 09:07 PM Re: Korg I5S - where can I find one?
HellPope Huey Offline

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Some addresses of merit when searching for older instruments:

These guys offer fair warranties on old gear and the service has been good. of course

With these two, just be mindful of the tendency for auctions to spiral out of control, pricewise. Then again, you might find a real steal.
Don't ignore the local want ads, either; people sometimes ditch things for a song because they don't know or don't care what they have in hand.
Also, pray heavily and promise God things you have no earthly hope of delivering. If He likes your style, His connections are said to be extreme.


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