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#165290 - 12/10/00 10:10 AM Monitors
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I know that Boo and some others are laboring over which direction to go concerning a p.a. system.
Before making a decision in this area, you must consider monitors.
Doing a single, I have tried various ways to monitor my performance. Many times I have simply plugged a couple of hotspots into the back of the mains. Not optimum, but you can hear yourself very well. They have excellent high-end response and you can hear the bass, which is basically non-directional, from the back of the mains pretty well.
If your keyboard has built-in speakers, they can be used as your monitors in low-level situations, but I find they aren't loud enough for many jobs. If your keyboard doesn't have speakers, and you plan to use self-powered mains, you must certainly address this area as part of your decision.
You can NOT just plug extra speakers into the back of them. Your monitors must have their own power source.
Yes, you can set up in front of the mains, but at any high volume this will cause feedback, particularly if there is an extra mic attached.
I have lately experimented some with using headphones (the earbud type are quite unobtrusive). This does limit your mobility a little, but it sounds like you're in a recording studio. Needless to say, transportation, cost and set-up is minimal.
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#165291 - 12/10/00 11:40 AM Re: Monitors
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This is a good point. Indeed, one of the reasons I like the idea of separate amp, is that I can use it as a monitor when playing larger parties, when I plug into the house PA.

The in-ear montiors is the next "big" thing. When I was at NAMM last January, there were several people with large displays of in-ear systems, including bi-amped in-ear transducers, wireless adaptors, and custom-molded inserts. The high-end systems are quite expensive, upward of $2500, and I had a feeling that they were aimed at the big-act pros, who want to save their hearing while letting the house soundman take care of the overall system's sound.

For my use, a speaker is more versatile, as I have to not only hear myself, but also gauge how well the public hears me. Also, I don't like the idea of running around with a speaker in the ear and a head-mounted mic - this reminds me of the plugged-in Robo-cop, where one does not know where the person ends and the machinery begins, but that's just my feeling - it might well work for other people.

I suppose, for monitoring you'd want to use a speaker in Mono mode, so that the stereo effect does not interfere with the mains.


#165292 - 12/10/00 03:01 PM Re: Monitors
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Whatever method you choose - just make sure you can hear the "live house" too. Otherwise you'll never know if your volume is appropriate. In smaller situations, I make sure I can hear the people talking that are closest to me, and I watch to see if they need to "lean in" and strain to hear each other. One thing I have always done is this:
I make the first thing anyone says to me.....
"Could you turn it UP, we want to hear you!"
THat way the night begins on a positive note, and not a critique.
I usually use the keyboard speakers as a monitor (even vocals) but for larger venues, or odd setups - I have a Powered Core Sysyem (hot spot)stand mounted monitor. It's very loud and doubles as a small PA for a piano bar gig, or to use at coctail hour with a MD or something like that.
I can't sing the praises of good monitors enough. I have NO hearing loss and I intend to keep it that way. Make sure you can hear what you need to - it's vital for a good, solid performance.
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