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#165263 - 04/08/05 03:13 PM Re: Arranger Workstations - nobody is perfect !?
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#165264 - 04/15/05 05:25 PM Re: Arranger Workstations - nobody is perfect !?

Sounds may be a subject of taste, but you can always compare with the original, non-altered sound. And I mean this:
When I try to imagine the sound of a saxophone, I don't mean the specific sound of Charlie Parker, Coltrane or whoever.
Same for every other instrument.
So, when we put our taste aside (and yes, that means you have to forget what you own, and admit that even your precious instrument has some shortcomings) cause no keyboard or synth in the world combines the best of everything. And what's said about Yamaha, Roland and Korg is close to the truth. I own all tree. Because I don't like to make compromises. So I took a P90 for the piano sound & feel, a VR760 for Hammond and rhodes, and a Korg for good woodwinds, strings & basses. And even with this gear, I can nag about not having a nordlead for the fat analog sounds, or an etherwave to show some entertainment while playing live. So basicaly, all we can do is to play the best we can on the gear we own. And try to like what we hear.

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