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#16298 - 06/01/09 06:30 AM Newbie wants to know about the Genesys
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Hi all, I'm pretty new to arranger keyboards, but have a solid background in crappy 80s Casios

Still, I'm playing with the idea to buy an arranger keyboard with sampling to use it as a "Multi-Casio" machine. (See my post in the "General Arranger" forum for more on this moronic idea

Now I have stumbled upon the Genesys, and had a look into the manual, and it seems to be pretty much what I'm looking for, and not too expensive at that.

What I'd like to know: Are there any catches on this thing? It really sounds like a great machine -- is it?

Another question: I read that GEM / General Music has gone bankrupt. Is that true? If so, how about spare parts?

And what is the difference between the Genesys, Genesys S, and Genesys S Pro?

Any help is appreciated!

#16299 - 06/01/09 07:53 AM Re: Newbie wants to know about the Genesys
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Hi General

The Genesys has speakers and a small hard drive (I think it's 8 Gig)
The Genesys S and Pro do not have speakers and are a lot lighter. I believe the operating system is also newer

The Pro S has a 20 Gig hard.

The Genesys XP is a module version of the pro and I have one of those.

All of the units are very well built and are pretty reliable. I believe You will get a lot more info shortly from other memebers.


#16300 - 07/20/09 02:52 AM Re: Newbie wants to know about the Genesys
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hi,I too have a Genesys XP.
I think it's great. I wish that we would get more updates on the OS but it seems that GEM closed? Even so,I bought the Genesys XP used as new for a bit less than 1000 bucks so no complaints from me. The guy just wasn't using it and needed the money.


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