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#1618 - 02/11/02 05:12 AM Processing vocals
Nool Offline

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Since a few weeks iam adding vocals to my
songs, when you're not an expert like me
it can become quite difficult to process them correctly.
The reason i posted here is because iam stucked a little.
Everytime have a recorded a vocal there seems to be some floating frequenties around
which i can't remove.
I use the word floating because i don't know any other word that's better suitable.

Does anybody know how to get rid of these 'floating frequenties'?
I try diffirent things on a EQ but couldn't get it right.

Help will be much apreciated

#1619 - 02/11/02 08:00 AM Re: Processing vocals
Cloakboy Offline

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What sample rate are you recording at? The sound you describe sounds like aliasing to me, make sure you record at a sample rate of at least 44.1 kHz.

Either that, or feedback... It might help a bit if you could upload an mp3 somewhere demonstrating this and post the link here.

What kind of soundcard? Mic? Remember, garbage input = garbage output.

#1620 - 02/11/02 09:33 AM Re: Processing vocals
tekminus Offline

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Heheh garbage input = garbage output..I'll have to memorize that.


#1621 - 02/14/02 03:59 PM Re: Processing vocals
WS Offline

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What kind of soundcard? If it is a gamer's card like can't do much about it. You can mute the parts where there are no vocals like at the beginning or end of the song. This does help to clean up the sound but you need a good audio card (not multimedia card) to avoid artifacts.

#1622 - 02/18/02 09:13 AM Re: Processing vocals
optinone Offline

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Try using a noise gate. Ive had lots of luck cleanin up my crappy sound card recordings, especially my vocal samples i created. Might take a little bit to figure out, maybe get a book on recording. IT doesn't hurt to learn something new.


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