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#16207 - 05/15/07 04:29 AM Midi to Wav
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Can midi's be changed to wav on the GEM or what software is recommended to do this?


#16208 - 05/15/07 07:40 AM Re: Midi to Wav
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Originally posted by wardwil2:
Can midi's be changed to wav on the GEM or what software is recommended to do this?


Yes they can. Cue up the MIDI file you desire (in other words, load the song into RAM and have it selected and ready to play). Press the Record button within the Song Player/Recording Studio transport control section and choose New Stereo Wave. Once the Wave Recorder screen appears, press soft button F1 to start the Wave Recorder and then press the Play button in the transport control section. When the song has finished press F1 again to stop the Wave Recorder. You will then be asked to name and save the new Wave file to a folder on the hard drive. After the wave file has been saved, the Genesys will display the Wave Player screen and you can press the Play button to hear the wave file (which will sound just like the MIDI file). You can now burn that wave file to a CD if you like.
NOTE 1: Be sure to have the Style/Seq volume fader pushed all the way up to full volume so the wave file is recorded at a good level.
NOTE 2: After recording a wave file, you might want to Normalize the recording meaning the volume will be increased as necessary to get the most volume out of the file without distortion. Do this by pressing the Edit button to the right of the transport controls and selecting Normalize.

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