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#16163 - 10/03/06 01:02 PM I've got all my user styles back !!
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Just a quick update ,
Had a private e mail from Dave McM with assistance (dispite his raging tooth ache )
Now that deserves a dedicated manager of the month award !!! in my book !!

Auto reload did not work .
So loaded from supplied cd all styles and had to go thro the load sequence for all the user 2 styles 1 to 8 . ie pop thro to world .

everything is back to normal (what ever that is !!) midi settings were uneffected !!so at least it did not involve a call out from the music shop engineer to reset everything for my midi accordion .

I've learn't a number of things :-
If it ain't broke don't try to fix it !!

seriously do not load a complete style folder as it will completely over write everything .
Load on a single style basis only !!
if this had happened on a gig it would have been terrible !!!

I'm still not sure how to load styles from a floppy disk so if anyone wants to tell me I would be pleased to have the information .

Regards ......Giovanni

#16164 - 10/03/06 04:11 PM Re: I've got all my user styles back !!
keysvocalssax Offline

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has it occurred to you that there may be something wrong with the designers of the Gem products when they need a guy like Dave to be a hero all the time because the ^%$%$#$%!!@% products are so WHACKO????????

from a fellow victim

Miami Mo
Miami Mo

#16165 - 10/03/06 04:34 PM Re: I've got all my user styles back !!
to the genesys Offline

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One way you can load user styles from a floppy is to.
Load them one by one.

Insert the floppy in the Genesys.

Go to disk and select floppy on the top left of the display.

Highlight the floppy folder with the up and down arrows.

Use the right arrow to get to the sub folders.

Press the down arrow to get to the user styles folder.

Press the right arrow to open the user styles folder.

Select the user style you want to load with the down arrow

Press load (f1) on the right of the display.

Press enter to confirm that you want to load the style.

It should then take you to the destination location screen where ram is activated.

Use the up and down arrows to select a blank user style location and then press enter.

Repeat the process if needed to load more styles.

you may want to think about copying the contents of the floppy to the hard drive of the XP. Just for the convenience of not having to have an external media to walk with. But every thing on the hard drive of the Genesys should be backed up on a CD (s).
Hope this helps

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#16166 - 10/04/06 04:20 AM Re: I've got all my user styles back !!
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Thanks for the help TTG!

This is what I wrote on Monday evening in an e-mail to Giovanni regarding the loading of single styles:

To load a single style from a floppy disk, insert the disk, press Disk, select F.D. navigate to and highlight the style you want to load from the floppy disk NOTE: The important thing here is to be sure that you are loading just one style. At the bottom of the display below the columns you will see the name of the folder on the disk, the name of any sub folders, and finally all the way to the right you will see ONE STYLE. Make sure that ONE STYLE is highlighted and then select LOAD from the top right of the display. Then you must choose a User Style location in which the new style will be loaded. Yes, one of the existing styles in the User banks will have to go away. Remember that if you load anything that you want to keep as permanent to save the RAMfile to a new folder, or into the Autoload folder which will re-write the current contents with the new data.


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