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Thanks for taking my DUH! comment for what it was; just fun. I always try to start with the written chord and will look at the left hand notation (if there is any) for my cues. I integrate a lot of walking bass and accompaniment on the left hand. I also try to put some rhythm in there too; very few held chords. For the right hand I play melody and chords; very few single notes most of the time. Since I also play in church, I've gotten pretty good at playing the melody with a chord on the right while playing counter melody/chords and walking bass with the left (of course I play pedals too). Hope this is a better answer to the actual question posted.

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Thanks, Cassp. I knew that your DUH was in fun, no worries.

Interesting as your playing style is quite similar to mine. I, however, alternate between single note and chords for the melody part.

As for the LH, I play rhythmic and hold the chord, depending on the style or just to keep things from getting too bland. So I do both in one song. I like to create a certain contrast in songs that I play, let the listener guess what's coming next.


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