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#15736 - 03/20/04 06:52 PM Genesys CD's

Hi. I just recently got a Genesys. Does anybody have the CD's of sounds and styles and the video that are offered on Are they available in the USA or is there any other software made specifically for the Genesys? Not too much support here in the US.Thanks.

#15737 - 03/20/04 08:45 PM Re: Genesys CD's


The Genesys is backwardly compatible with the WK/SK series instruments. Try as another source for sounds and styles. If you do a web search for the General Music WK-8, SK880 or PS2600 you will probably come up with even more.

I am the national product support manager for General Music in the U.S. and I am always happy to help out with questions regarding the Genesys system. Feel free to send inquires to This address comes directly to me and I will answer any questions you may have.

BTW, thanks for purchasing a Genesys. I am sure you will find it to be a versatile and fun instrument to use.

Best Regards,

Dave McMahan
General Music USA


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