Originally posted by Jerry Mullikin:
Hello Dave,

I think I confused myself in checking out things about a new OS.....
Instead, I think I will try to find a way, somewhere down the line, to get my hands on an RP800.
Jerry M

Hi Jerry,

Sorry I confused you. Yes, there will be an O/S update for the SP (with speakers) and the Pro. I'll keep you posted on that.

As for the RP800, it's a great sounding piano. BTW- a little not so inside info; we are coming out with a model called the pRP800 which is a portable version of the RP800. The pRP800 is an 88 note, weighted and graded hammer action keyboard with all the sounds and functionality of the RP800 in a very portable design. Stay tuned to our website for news on the release of this instrument.

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