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#149957 - 06/06/05 12:03 AM Cubase recently purchased by Yamaha Corp: XG Works Feature Integration?!
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Ok, this is perhaps 'old news' to some of you here, but I just today discovered that Yamaha Corp had purchased (back in Dec 2004): Steinberg Corporation (a division of Pinnacle) and whose software includes: Cubase, Wavelab, VST instruments.

1) With this relavation, I'm curious if Cubase now includes custom "instrument definitions patch list" files specifically for each & all Yamaha midi keyboard instruments, including the arrangers: Yamaha Tyros & PSR3000.

2) Also, currently, when a Yamaha Tyros/PSR keyboard created midi file is loaded into any commercial midi sequencer other than "Yamaha XG Works" , all Yamaha exclusive Meta Event "FF" string commands (sysEX commands begining with FF) are not only ignored, but when the midi file is subsequently re-saved, this critical data is not saved (deleted). A listing of these Yamaha exclusive "FF" string commands is listed on page 62 of the Tyros "Data List" manual, and includes "Lyrics", and: "Chord Names" which is essential for generating/triggering both auto accomp & vocal harmonizer chords.

I'm now wondering if Cubase may perhaps now (hopefully) INCLUDE full support for the above Yamaha exclusive Meta Event "FF" string commands, of which previously was only supported by "Yamaha XG Works":

As a Cakewalk Sonar 4 owner, I've been disappointed that Cakewalk's earlier (2+ years ago) annoucement of providing Sonar support for this (via 3rd party plug-in) never materialized. I hope now, because Yamaha has recently acquired Cubase, that they will see fit to integrate all "Yamaha XG Works" exclusive features (including Yamaha'FF' Meta events: "Chord Name" & "Lyrics") into Cubase.

All feedback & input appreciated.


#149958 - 06/06/05 12:51 AM Re: Cubase recently purchased by Yamaha Corp: XG Works Feature Integration?!
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I hope this turns out to be the case.

In the meantime, the PSR 9000pro is one of the patch presets in Cubase, and covers 95% of the Tyros sounds midi wise.


#149959 - 06/06/05 06:41 AM Re: Cubase recently purchased by Yamaha Corp: XG Works Feature Integration?!
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Scott, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that, LOL. The problem is that Yamaha is mostly interested in using that as a vehicle for extending the usefullness/desirability of their synth workstations, ie, their "professional" keyboards and that division doesn't like the "home" keyboard branch, in fact so much so that they didn't include XG in the Motif ES because it wasn't "professional" enough. The various branches of Yamaha are in competition with each other for income and do NOT work together for the betterment of all keyboardom. So the Motif folks consider the Tyros folks as competitors and they don't share information or ideas. Also, FWIW, shortly after Yamaha took over, all the manuals and written info disappeared off the web (Pinnacle had posted them on their site and I'm pretty sure that Steinberg hated that; pirates and all that you know). Now the Cubase Forum has gone to registered owners only posting; if you don't own a Cubase product with a dongle serial number you can't register and ask questions although you can still read what other people write.

And the beat goes on...


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Bigger is not always better

#149960 - 06/06/05 08:26 AM Re: Cubase recently purchased by Yamaha Corp: XG Works Feature Integration?!
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Cubase is a great app, but given Yamaha's history of support ( see XG Works, SY-XG software plugins, hardware plug in boards, etc ), I'm thankful that it isn't my app of choice.



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