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#14972 - 01/15/03 06:37 AM A daring suggestion....
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I am having these visions ....

GEM says it's DSP proccessor's are the best. Why won't they make a Hybrid instrument: on the one hand a workstation like the WK8SE/Genesis/Equinox and on the other a platform for synthemulators to work on

I am talking of them making a deal with Proppelerhead for a Rebirth emu; a deal with Native for their B4, FM7 etc in a new Synth? I am talking about realtime proccessing emulator modes in real keyboards. With PIII Celeron proc power at hand for small prices... why not? An Xbox has a Celeron 750mhz. Imagine what you can do in a synth with all the power of a small OS and a huge amount of processing power.

Like the Sound mode on the Equinox, their should be a Virtual Synth mode in a Real Synth. That would be a limit-breaking option; instead of RealSounds on the Genesys. Or be able to make AudioCD's with your keyboard...

Anyone share this opinion, or know what is so impossible about the idea?

I keep on dreaming....
I think I'll stick with my Equinox and WK4 -

#14973 - 01/29/03 10:26 AM Re: A daring suggestion....
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The big question is how many would GEM be able to sell. The new DRAKE chips are capable of incredible feats, never thought to be possible. Making instruments for the masses with this new technology is, in my opinion more important. For some reason, I have found over the years that people aren't willing to read a manual and dive into an instrument like in the past (say the DX 7). People want the instrument extremely easy to use, with everything spoon feed to them. With an instrument such as you are speaking of, is very intresting, and I think I would have a ton of fun tweaking. Unfortunatly I think people like ourselves are in the minority. Most don't even get into or even know that instruments like the genesys can edit the sound, nor ever get into that function. Its hard enough to get someone to load a new sample on the instrument, some would rather complain that they don't like a certain sound, than finding an loading a sound that they like. Am I all wet?
Paul Davis


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