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#144822 - 09/24/00 10:29 AM Uncle Dave's VA-7
Fran Carango Offline
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Uncle Dave loaned me his VA-7 [ROLAND] for a few days. Here are some of my opinions: Where do I start? I will probally jump around so try and follow me. First , let me start with a statement. This is not the replacement for the G1000. The G is better for "PRO" use. I can see a PRO model with the new tones and 128 polyphony. The lack of dedicated buttons and sliders is a NO NO. The touch screen is okay in your home or studio, but not on the job. If the screen goes south on your G1000 you can still do the job, setting up your left hand , right hand parts1,2 etc., Good luck if the screen disapears on the VA-7. There are a lot of niceties on the VA-7, but GUYS and GALS, KEEP YOUR G1000!! Here are some more of my thoughts: Song play, Toooo many touches of the screen to get around,*select song composer,*stop song,*load, *play,*select lyrics,*back,*song list,*scroll,*stop and/or load,*play. After song ends, you must*select songlist again. Compared to the G1000, this is a no brainer,G1000 of course,you selectsong with a knob and push play with a button, and the lyrics toggle back and forth to song select, with a touch of a single button. The nice features:New tones[Scat,acc guitars etc]. A lot of the 'NEW" tones areedited from the G1000 bank of tones. Thenew styles are mostly modified G1000 styles, using "scat"lines in the styles for example. The sequencer is very simular, I still prefer the G's over the VA-7, probally because I am use to it. The VA is easy to use with the touch screen, For those thatnever used the G's seq., they will like the VA sequencer. The mic input is okay, at least it has one, with effects. Good control over the effects, multible touches to get to the parameters[ actually VariPhrase]..The Vari Phrase is a novelty, along with the D beam and ribbon controllers, they where off quickly...I patched my G1000 into the inputs of the VA-7 to compare the tones one to the other, they are identical. The default piano,everyone "loves" is the same as Piano 1w in the G1000 bank, I could not tell any difference in stereo image from the VA-7 speakers.. If I was going to work, I would take the G1000 First choice, My second choice would be the Solton X1, the third choice ,VA-7,in front of Farfisa G-7[stop laughing, it really is a good keyboard], followed by the rest of the arrangers.. Thanks for reading,and I will continue to analyse the VA-7 while I have it[ Thanks to Uncle Dave for the loan]. BTW don't drop the VA-7[all plastic] ,it breaks so easily,,Just kidding Uncle Dave......Fran

#144823 - 09/25/00 09:58 AM Re: Uncle Dave's VA-7
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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I totally agree with you. Like I already said way before the VA-7 was on the market: it can and will never replace the G-1000, because the G is pro and the VA-7 is homeuse made. That doenst implie you cannot use the VA-7 for Pro parties and the G for home, but the real professionel player will understand. He who doesnt understand simply is not a pro player. Or they have owned a G-1000 without really needing the G-1000 (a E96 would be enough for them).

Same thing about the PA-80 and the i30. If it would be a replacement, the wouldnt change from G to VA and from i30 to PA-80.

Some things are much easier than people tend to think ("wait untill you have played it" and "dont judge and instrument beacuse of a picture"). Well you CAN judge an instrument in certain degrees very very well. The proof of this was the VA-7 and I think the PA-80 will be the same for Korg.


#144824 - 09/25/00 11:51 PM Re: Uncle Dave's VA-7
Mister M Offline
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Hi Everyone!
I'm an italian musician. I can't agree with Fran: G1000 is better than VA7???? Impossible!! First let's compare the drum samples...then the trumpet sounds or the guitars... Let's try playing with an 8beat style or a Rock one...the difference is considerable!! I've used for a long time G1000 (I play in italian restaurants and pubs) but now I really can't do without VA7! I appreciate the top quality of the sounds, I love the sound impact (I use to add an "applause" noise in Lower 2 when I play rock music) and I use DBeam to create amusing sketches.
Fran, do try again, I'm waiting for your conversion!!
Mister M

#144825 - 09/26/00 06:58 AM Re: Uncle Dave's VA-7
George Kaye Offline
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Yesterday afternoon a customer of mine came into my store to try the VA7 for the third time. He owns a G1000 and I consider him to be a fine musician and someone who has played all of the different models of arranger keyboards over many years. His comments about the VA7 agree almost 100% with many of you. He loves the sounds. He sat in my store for over 4 hours playing all the different trumpet and guitar sounds, and kept shaking his head over how natural say sounded. At one point I had to look over to where he was because I was sure he pulled out a real trumpet and wasn't playing the keyboard. The embochure was so real! The sounds in tone map 4, which were developed for the VA products are extremely well done, and for those who love the G1000, tone map 3 is all the original G1000 sounds. The controversy over the lack of buttons or the touch screen usage will go on, but there is no argument from my customers over the sounds. They are fantastic!
George kaye
George Kaye
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