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#14330 - 01/02/02 02:11 PM where is the "local off" in the ts 12?

i am trying to work with the ts 12 & digi 001 protools le 5.01.
but i hear the sound twice.
i have been told that i should make shoure that i am in LOCAL OFF mode on my ts 12.
how can i do this?
can somebody help me please?

#14331 - 01/31/02 11:52 AM Re: where is the "local off" in the ts 12?
richbender Offline
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I have a TS-10, I also looked for a local off, but did not find it on the keyboard or in the manual. How I got around it was to turn the volume off on the active voice on the keyboard and it would still send the midi signal to the midi device. In sequencer mode I would mute the voice on the channel sending the midi info. Hope this helps.

#14332 - 02/07/02 10:51 AM Re: where is the "local off" in the ts 12?
John Kilroy Offline
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Whenever I do this with my TS-12, I always have to bring the sound into a preset or sequence, and then set the local off parameter for that track. It is a kludge, but it works for simple stuff.



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