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#14198 - 07/20/00 04:19 AM ASR 10 and Mac

Anybody knows how i could work on samples on mac, copy them on a floppy and import or load them in the ASR 10,seems that all the software translation i saw are only for PC,and i do not want to buy at this stage the scsi interface
Please help me it drives me mad!!!!!!

#14199 - 08/08/00 11:01 PM Re: ASR 10 and Mac
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If you get a SCSI interface you will finally be happy.

EPSm will let you mount ASR disks on your Mac. You can turn an AIFF into an ASR-10 wavesample and instrument and visa versa. You can also back up ASR disks, duplicate, ect.

If you get the SCSI option for your ASR I'll tell you where to get EPSm other wise you will have to look for it yourself, might as well you will be doing everything else the hard way.

Don' take that too hard, I rember what it was like way back 6 years ago when I first got my ASR and had no SCSI option. What HELL! By the way get the SCSI option quick before you can't get it anymore (if you still can) Your poor ASR is on it's way out of the support door. Sorry.


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