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#14159 - 05/08/00 04:07 PM Can Asr-10 go beyond 16 megs?

Let me ask you my friends...after 5 years of purchasing hard disks, Cd-roms, Dram SIMMs, digital in/out, SCSI controler and sounds, Ensoniq tells me that I haveto buy an AKAI sampler if I want to load these magnificent but huge sounds that I hear around?
I think not. Someone has to solve this problem. I'm looking for him and I need your help. ASR-10 with 64 megs?Is it possible?
Can we use larger Simms? How? Any kind of help will be appreciated...Thanks

#14160 - 05/08/00 08:26 PM Re: Can Asr-10 go beyond 16 megs?
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that would be something, asr10 with 64megs!!!
that'll probably blow other samplers away!

i've heard that it can be done. but unfortunately i don't know how. maybe you shoudl check out some of the ensoniq users page.

#14161 - 05/08/00 08:46 PM Re: Can Asr-10 go beyond 16 megs?
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i replied to dnamusic's e-mail about this, but just for the record, from what i understand is that the ASR-10 cannot go beyond 16megs. It was designed/originally made in 1992, when 16 megs was a lot for a sampler. Back then RAM was simply more expensive.

If you try using different sized SIMMS then what you're supposed to use on the ASR-10, an electrical incompatibility will eventually burn out the motherboard.

i suggest you guys scroll through the Ensoniq links here at Synthzone and check out the EPS/ASR/TS mailing list. I know that i've learned a lot since subscribing to it.


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